A Journey Of Delicacy

Bolçi Chocolate is the famous brand and registered chocolate producer of Bolu, the first city that comes to mind when it comes to natural beauty in our country. In this journey with our registered product Bolu Chocolate, which is created by coating the croqueta produced from nuts such as hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and peanuts with chocolate, today we have more than 1000 varieties and these delicious tastes, each prepared with Bolçi mastery, appealing to the world markets in the state-of-the-art factory. It continues to be a favorite of extraordinary taste lovers in 43 countries.

BOLÇİ was founded in 1998 by Deniz Gıda Sanayi Ltd. Şti., which is considered a big risk by some, with the dream of "creating a national brand unique to Bolu", is a chocolate brand that has achieved its goal after market creation, branding, sales and R&D studies. Leading the list of traditional foods specific to Turkey, BOLÇİ is at the top of the list of "Bolu's brands". BOLÇİ, which is frequently featured in the national media and on the internet, praised on flavor sites and blogs, the subject of columns by our famous writers, and which is embraced by its consumers with love, has brought Bolu the privilege of "brand cities" with its name and unique products. BOLÇİ, which is the favorite of extraordinary taste lovers, now offers the most exclusive chocolates that can be given to special occasions and put an end to the classic gift shortage.

BOLÇİ's primary goals on its journey by always keeping customer satisfaction and quality at the forefront are to increase its already existing exports in order to reach all Turkish consumers and expand the market abroad by increasing its sales point and dealer network in the country day by day.

BOLCI, the registered producer of Bolu Chocolate, which offers a completely different chocolate pleasure, with its product range and constantly increasing quality understanding, in 2010 with the motto "A much more different BOLÇİ", Beyoğlu Chocolate, Special Chocolate, Truffle Chocolate, Madlen Chocolate, Roche Chocolate, Dragee, Mushroom Chocolate, Letter Chocolate etc. By adding products, it brought chocolate lovers together with Bolçi's mastery.

Today, Bolçi takes its place in the market with more than 800 product types and different types of chocolate. For new product types, R&D studies continue uninterruptedly by our expert team. BOLÇİ ÇİKOLATA A.Ş., the owner of the BOLÇİ brand. Hasan AKSOY, Chairman of the Board of Directors, has a certificate from the world's most respected food training centers on chocolate and bakery products. It took about 1 year as a result of the studies carried out by Hasan Aksoy and experts to create the special formula that distinguishes Bolu Chocolate from its imitations. The best quality products have been preferred since the beginning in the nuts and chocolates used in Bolu Chocolate products, where natural raw materials are carefully selected. This approach of quality and trust is indispensable for BOLÇİ. Acting with the understanding of the highest quality raw materials in all its product ranges, BOLÇİ aims to produce quality products with happy employees, keeping food safety in the foreground in its state-of-the-art factory. BOLÇİ does not contain alcohol, lard and chemical derivatives.

BOLÇİ, which started with the production of special Bolu Chocolate in a 16m^2 production area in 1998, is today a brand with a monthly capacity of 250 tons in its 16300m^2 state-of-the-art factory and exports to 22 countries. 350 employees are employed at the factory, all of whom have been pre-trained and employed. Food Safety conditions are maintained at all stages from raw material procurement to market and the freshness of the product is prioritized.

It has been 22 years since this story, which started with the meeting of crocodile obtained from Bolu's fresh mountain hazelnuts with chocolate in a small bowl. It is proud to be a Turkish chocolate producer with sales to more than 70 provinces and 22 countries in Turkey, and to become a big brand with millions of "Bolçilovers" that add strength to its power.

While we are proud to be the symbol of our beautiful Bolu, we pursue unrivaled and unique tastes with a brand new service approach. And we insist that you try these unique flavors at any flavor spot where you see the BOLÇİ logo.

Your taste buds will take care of the rest.